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    Getting our baby in the Garden

    I'm smitten with baby girl name Blythe. DH likes it, but requests we include a flower name in the middle. What flows best? Any better suggestions? (Lilies and Roses are out)
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    Blythe Lavender
    Blythe Marigold
    Blythe Jessamine
    Blythe Mirabel (fruit not flower but near enough

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    Blythe Lavender is sublime! By far my favorite. Blythe Hyacinth and Blythe Forsythia might be nice options as well.
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    I like Blythe Jessamine!

    Blythe Azalea
    Blythe Dahlia
    Blythe Iolanthe (means "violet", and the flow here is perfect!)
    Blythe Linnea
    Blythe Orchid
    Blythe Violet

    Good luck!
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    Why don't you look at this list?

    I like that you're going for three syllable middle name to give it a varied 1-3-2 syllable count. I'd also avoid using a middle name with a starting vowel initial. The name Zinnia pops for me for some reason. Hopefully that flower list helps. You could also go for tree names or others on the nature list.
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    Blythe Jessamine flows really nicely.

    I also like Blythe Mirabel.

    Blythe Chrysanthe (too much 'th' ?)
    Blythe Lilac
    Blythe Calla

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