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    Yes PP! I forgot about Blanca and I prefer it to Blanche.

    Anyway, my first impression was of Blanche from Coronation Street. Not the most attractive image. But like a lot of dated names (Geoffrey, Lionel, Joan, Leonard) it had great use in the Middle Ages, so now I'm thinking of damsels or anyone looking like Queen Isabella in Braveheart. I'd quite like to meet a young Blanche

    For middles, I'd jazz it up a bit. Judging by the names in your signature, you'll be better at that than me.

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    Blanche is awesome. Blanche Stuart Scott was the first female test pilot and presumably the first American woman to fly an airplane solo. (And Blanche Leathers was the first woman to captain a steamboat on the Mississippi!) There are also a lot of royal women who answered to Blanche: Blanche of Castile (b. 1188) who became Queen of France; Blanche of Navarre (b. 1177) Countess of Champagne; Blanche of Artois (b.1248); and Blanche of Navarre, from the 14th century, was also another Queen of France. (And there are more!) The character on Golden Girls, in my opinion, is a plus: she was the life of the party, smart, strong and had heaps of charisma. If you can have Blair and Brooke be popular, why not Blanche?

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    I think that Blanche is a fantastic choice. I think of Blanche du Bois from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and Blanche of Castile (and many other medieval princesses in Western Europe). I also think it has a cool hipster vibe like Mabel and Hazel. Thanks to the poster who mentioned Blandine , another interesting French choice which I would love to hear on an American child. I just love Blanche as well as Blandine. Very fashionable , cutting edge naming...

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    Love Blanche and totally think it's time for a comeback.

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    Blanche is a beautiful name! It has a French elegance that has been ignored for a long time! And it has so much more meaning then Golden Girls....

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