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    My DD's name is Arabella...still love it to bits! Please note though that you will not escape the nickname of Bella. It's the most obvious choice for people...and has become for us too. She very rarely gets Ari.
    Good luck, hope you continue to love it as much as I do

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    I love Arabella, but it doesn't feel very rough-and-tumble to me at all, sorry. Seraphina and Arabella are pretty much the epitome of frilly, imo. I can't think of anything more frilly. I'm not a huge fan of frilly, but surprisingly, I really love those two, and that's why I love them--they're so frilly. I do think if you stick to Ari for Arabella, then so will everyone else, and Ari does make it more rough-and-tumble.
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    Arabella doesn't feel as frilly to me. It makes me think of Arabian Nights and horses and galloping across sand. I think the way we say it over here helps the 'rough and tumble' image though:

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    I like it. It has the same feel of Isabella but not as overused.

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    I like it. It isn't my "top" name, but I think it is stunning.

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