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    Opinions of Arabella?

    What do you berries think of Arabella? And one point (7 years ago) I loved it because I found it so rough and tumble, especially with the nickname Ari. Now I'm hearing it called frilly and its charm is fading.
    Possible combos are Arabella Roisin and Arabella Lucia.

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    Arabella is stunning, but I'd definitely say its more princess than rough houser! Ari is charming. I like Arabella Roisin - Lucia is too much L.

    (I will just say I can't imagine sisters Blaire and Arabella, though!)
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    I love Arabella. I think it feels feminine and strong at the same time. I don't really get the "overly frilly" thing. To me the "air" sound at the beginning grounds the whole name.

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    I'll always think of it as off-brand/knock-off Isabella, but now that you mention it, I could see it being rough-and-tumble rather than princessy. It has a bit of spunk to it. Nice and fiery! It's more likely that she'll get called "Bella", rather than Ari, if the baby Arabellas I know are any indication.

    Your combos are lovely. Arabella Roisin is more surprising, and I love it! Arabella Lucia sounds rather prima donna, but there's no denying it's beautiful and regal.

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    When I first hear Arabella, I think of the Jackie Kennedy considering it for one of her children. It feels a little bit too trendy now with the -ella ending. I'm not sure I would pair it with Lucia especially with the double A endings. When it comes to middle names with it, I'd pair it with a one or two syllable middle name that ending with a consonant to balance things out. If you feel it's a bit too girly, consider a unisex middle name.
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