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    Peter's little brother.... Arthur??

    Hi! We are expecting baby #2 and are stuck on a boy's name. We love traditional names, and we discovered tonight that we both like Arthur. It is a name that we have not thought of before. However, I am not completely sold as I do not like the nn Artie very much. Other names we like are Theodore, Andrew, and George. We have a one syllable last name. What do you think would be a good name for Peter's little brother? Thanks!
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    All of your names are on my list, too! Here are some others you might consider:

    Archer (sounds like Arthur, but with the nn Archie which I prefer to Artie)

    I particularly like Peter & George, Peter & Henry, Peter & Oliver.

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    Although George is an underused royal name, with your one syllable last name I'd avoid it. Theodore has a great nickname with Theo. Andrew's an overused classic for me. With your other son named Peter, I'd look into the various lists under classics.
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    I like Arthur. I don't think you'd have to call him Artie. Arthur's a fairly short name as it is so I don't think it really needs a nickname but you could try something like Ari, Ace, Thor, Arthy..

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    Peter is such a great name! I really love Arthur, too, and agree with PP that you won't have to use a nn. If you want one, I find just Art more appealing than Artie. Art is pretty cool actually.
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