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    Need help choosing a name for our second daughter!!

    I am due in a matter of weeks and am at a total loss as to what we are going to name our second daughter! I have a definite favorite but my husband is not crazy about it. Any suggestions or votes for one or another would be really appreciated! I do have a few requests.
    *Nothing wierd. Nothing the average person can not prounce or spell, or something that will make people wonder why their mother would ever name them something like that.
    *Nothing extremely popular (i know, i know) But I don't want my daughter to be the 8th Jenny in class, so something reasonably distant from the SS top 10.
    * 8 letters?! I know this makes me sound crazy, but I would love it to be an 8 letter name, even better if the middle name is 5 letters too This is not an absolute necessity -if someone brings the most beautiful, perfect, 6 letter name to my attention I certainly won't pass it up

    ***My first daughter's name is Penelope Marie so it has to 'go' with her name. They will only be 18 months apart so I'm open to similar names or just any name that lives up to her sister's.
    My fav's so far are
    Vivienne Mae, Vivienne Maeve, or Vivienne Leigh
    Persephone (no middle name yet!)
    Fianna (fee-ahn-a; irish name) or Fiona

    See, we need a lot of help! Thanks so much everyone!

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    Penelope Marie is lovely! I would use Vivienne Maeve/Mae, because Vivien Leigh was the famous actress who played Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind", so unless you're trying to honor her I would steer clear of Vivienne Leigh. Persephone and Penelope are both 4-syllable names that start with P and end with -e, and are too similar. Fianna might be mistaken as Fiona quite often, which could get annoying. Fiona would be nice too.
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    Penelope and Vivienne sound lovely together. I know of a little Vivienne Leigh but her parents purposely did that and love old famous Hollywood girls because her older sister is Grace Kelly. So I would go with Vivienne Mae.
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    What about Vivianna -not only is it 8 letters, it has two of each. Vivianna Maeve works imo and is more unique than Vivienne (although Vivienne isn't common either).
    Otherwise, how about:
    Adelaide Faith
    Violette Anouk (Violette is the French spelling of Violet... I'm not making up a unique spelling -this spelling makes the stress fall on the last syllable rather than the first, so a more intuative nn would be Letty rather than Vi)
    Julianna Alice
    Susannah Hazel
    These combos aren't necessarily to die for, but they are 8 + 5 Maybe you'll find something you'd like to pair with another name from my list.
    Other 5 letter names for the mn:
    I hope it helps a little!
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