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    Need ideas for boy and girl names with last name "Thorne" (e is silent)

    So hi I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my bf's last name is Thorne. I already have a girl name picked out but I an open to hearing ideas and hoping if anyone has any suggestions for cool names. My bf's niece is named Indigo Gray Thorne! Which is really cool. My bf likes Riley for a boys name, but that's becoming more of a popular girls name. I don't want a name too common for a girl since my name is very unique while my bf's name is very traditional (James) I might want to choose a middle eastern name if it's a girls since I am half middle eastern and have a Muslim name, although my bf is a JW (Jehovah's witness) I think jayden sounds nice since it sounds like James, also I like Presley for a boy since I'm an Elvis fan, but again I learned that is a trending girls name. Thanks! oh and the girl middle eastern name I already have picked out.

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    Jameson Riley Thorne would be my suggestion.

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    Love the Jameson Riley Thorne suggestion. Another boy suggestion Reid Aaron Thorne (Aaron is Elvis's middle name). Girls suggestions. Scarlett Presley Thorne or Violet India Thorne.

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