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    Help us choose a family name for our second baby!

    My hubby and I want to choose a family name for both the first and middle name for our second baby. We don't know the gender yet. Our DD is Claire Elizabeth (nn Claire Eliza), so we want a name that will work stylistically with her name. We don't care about popularity of a name. Below are family names we are considering:

    Catherine, Molly, Alice, Eleanor, Ruth, Mary, Anna, Margaret, Susan, Eva, Sarah, Victoria, Ellen, Agnes, Rose, Caroline, Jean, Emily, Julia

    Oliver, John, William, Jacob, Scott, Henry, James, Peter, Thomas, Alexander

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    Claire, Alice and Rose all seem to go so well together. I chose Victoria with a nod to Claire's mn.
    Claire Elizabeth & Alice Victoria
    Claire Elizabeth & Rose Eleanor

    Claire Elizabeth & Peter Scott - I love Claire and Peter together! She would be Claire Eliza and he would be Peter Scott
    Claire Elizabeth & James Alexander
    Claire Elizabeth & Oliver James

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    Catherine Eleanor or Catherine Victoria. I like all the boys names

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    Winifred, Faye, Adelheid, Agnes, Anne, Eleanor, Hollis, Arthur, Benedict, Finn

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    I love Alice Jean. It's so sweet and simple.

    Thomas Alexander sounds firm, confident and handsome.
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    Io Beverly
    Arthur Merryweather or March David
    Other names I love: Jonquil, Ardal, Linus, Felix, Araminta, Hedda, Wildflower...

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