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    Hmm, well in general i judge children by how they behave, as another poster said up-thread. But i do sort of assume things about the parents sometimes. Like I've yet to meet a Paisley (and all alternate spellings) whose mom wasn't an airhead whose biggest concern in life is preparing her 2-year old to be a future cheerleader. That isn't to say that every person who chooses the name Paisley is like that, but I've met enough that i sort of assume it with some names.
    It wouldn't ever affect how i treat a child or their parents, and I'm always happy to be proven wrong. But sometimes i make those assumptions, and i don't think there's any harm in that if it isn't coming from a mean place. All the moms of Paisleys i know are lovely people and fun to talk to...just have different aspirations for themselves and their kids, and that's fine. Like i said, as long as it doesn't affect how you treat someone, i think having that assumption isn't in itself a bad thing
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    No. You are not your name. Your name could be changed this very moment and you would be the exact same person you are. IMO, Tyler and Brendan are perfectly fine names and any guy berries with those names, right on. She would probably tell me that my name (Alexis) is horribly trashy. This lady needs to calm down. I hope little Maximilian marries a Kylie, and Poppy and India have boyfriends named Tyler and Brendan.
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    Yes. Yes I do. But then I have a conversation with them and reassess the situation.
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    No judgment to the child....but another story for their parents!
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    Katie Hopkins is the most irritating, outrageous woman I've ever seen on national television. Not only did she make a nation full of people hate her, she's made herself look like a complete idiot by saying she hates geographical location names and named her daughter India. She is also judging children by their looks by saying you can't name a child without looking at them and it's stupid to name a child Bella if she's ugly.
    This woman is a serial attention seeker and will do anything for publicity, I suggest to anyone to research her background, she's not the higher class 'lady' she thinks she is.
    I work in a school filled with children named Tyler, Jayden, Angel and Brandon not all of them come from lower class families. Some of these children have a lot of potential for the future and are bright, beautiful and young individuals who shouldn't be judged just because of their names.
    I guess you can change your name but not your ugly personality.
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