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    Judging people by their names is ridiculous on so many levels. I would not care what the names were
    of the children my child would play with at all. That lady has serious issues
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    Quote Originally Posted by brigid16 View Post
    I wonder about their parents, but I do my best to judge kids by their behavior.
    My thoughts exactly.
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    She is usually in the news for this controversial stuff. Publicity I think.
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    I saw the interview from This Morning and I was greatly enraged by it (but what more can you possibly expect from a writer for Daily Mail?) I am absolutely amazed that Holly and Phillip could actually restrain themselves from kicking her (though it looked like Holly was kicking her so hard in her mind), I sure as hell wouldn't have been able to. What bothers me the most is the fact that though she says it "isn't about class at all", it is about her classism. The fact that she presumes that working class children are snotty, slacking and self-centered. That the working class somehow isn't as intelligent as the upper class and the middle class. The nerve that appalling woman has to presume that she and her precious little dolls are better than everyone else because they're more fortunate than others. I'm so glad that Anna May defended us working class children so proudly (I am a proud working class child myself - probably with what Katie Hopkins would describe as a 'urgh' name - embarking on law school next year).

    How can one even think of judging children by their names? There is SO much more to people than their names. A name doesn't define you. A name doesn't make you uneducated or bratty. I swear, I hope her children (so eloquently named India (which by the way is 'not related to a location' as London or Brooklyn are), Poppy and Maximillian) will bring home endless amounts of Tylers, Simons, Charmaines and Kylies.

    I'll encourage people who haven't seen the episode to watch it. Not only do you get a good ten minutes of loony-talk by a deluded snob, you also get to see the lovely Holly Willoughby looking like she's ready to strangle Katie and you get so many stunned-beyond-belief facial expressions by Phillip Schofield.
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    No. I admit there are names I dislike, but it wouldn't let me stop letting my child play with little Tyler or Journey or whatever.
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