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    Anna Caroline Joy and Madeline Grace Caroline get my votes!

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    Congratulations on your newest princess!
    Here are some 'S" suggestions - Sadie, Samantha, Samara, Sasha, Shayla/Shea, Sylvie/Sylvia, Sienna-Joy, Stella, Shanna, Shelby, Sonya, Simone, Skye, Sybil, Stephanie, Susannah/Suzanne.
    Non-'S' name suggestions (Sorry I am not sure of your eldest children's names) - Cora/Corinne, Eleanor/Eleanora, Millie, Genevieve, Claire, Victoria, Ella-Grace, Lilly, Adeline, Gemma, Gabriella, Margaret, Elsie, Lila-Belle, Lydia, Alice, Catherine, Evelyn, Alexandra, Joyanna, Adele, Pearl, Audra/Audrey, Liliana, Harriet, Leah and Chloe-Beth.
    A couple of combination suggestions - Harriet Evelyn Rose, Sienna-Joy Caroline, Joyanna Grace Caroline, Ella-Grace Charlotte, Sylvie Madeline Joy.
    Good luck in finding the perfect name for your beautiful baby girl!

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    Oh my goodness - it's a girl! I am so happy for you! Now for the names:

    I love Anna Caroline Joy (as you know!) If Anna is too plain for you, how about Anna-Joy Caroline, and calling her Anna-Joy?
    Another idea is to call her by the sweet nn of Annie - I love Annie with your last name.

    My second choice is Caroline Felicity Jane, although it is a bit heavy on the number of syllables. Would you call her Caroline?

    How about Charlotte Felicity Jane?
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    Thanks so much everyone!!

    L- Last night I spent some time looking over my various lists, and YES! Cecilia was on one of them (sorry, I have had so many lists, I think I am having a hard time keeping track!)
    I do like the name Natalie!... I considered it when I was pregnant with Emma, as I remember thinking that it went well with Kelsey.. But do you think it would be strange for a child not born around Christmas? As it means born on Christmas? Though this baby is due Nov...

    K- I really like Anna-Joy.. Hubby isn't big on it.. It's the Joy. He has never been a huge fan of it for some reasons, and seems much happier with it in a second middle name position... to add, if we went Anna Caroline, he really is pushing to hyphenate it.. Anna-Caroline...

    So- I think this morning I am going to try to make a "bare-bones" list of the ones we seem to both agree and both really like... and see where we are.
    I'll be back....
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    renrose Guest
    How about Esther?

    1. Tess is a nickname for Esther.
    2. It has the 'es' sound at the beginning without starting with S.

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