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    I love Anna Caroline.

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    Yay, another girl!

    Thinking of your last name, I like Caroline and Charlotte most. And Madeline, actually! Madeline Felicity, Caroline Felicity, or Charlotte Felicity Jane get my vote off this list.

    Someone was talking about the "s" sound - what about Cecily? Cute with your last name! Cecily Anna Jane? Cecily Jane Theresa?
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    Congratulations! That's awesome. My favorite out of your list is Anna Caroline Joy, it just flows the best. Plus- I love both Anna and Joy. However, I'd like to suggest a double barrel name since you have so many good choices. I like Anna Charlotte a lot!!
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    Anna Caroline Joy! I absolutely adore the combination of Anna and Caroline. Two incredibly gorgeous names put together.
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    Anna Caroline gets my vote too! Beautiful!

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