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    Anna Caroline Joy! I won't give up on it!!!

    Congratulations on your little girl! Luke Elliott was very handsome!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    L- I love the sound of Cecily but not sure I can get over the meaning.... Let me look up the meaning of Cecilia... Is it the same? I love the sound of it too. Oh, hubby shot down Morgan and Sydney....I do really like Morgan but he was quick to say no.

    Lots of votes for Anna Caroline, not sure why I just can't get behind it? I do think it is a beautiful combo, and getting my Joy in there makes me super happy,,..maybe I am totally over thinking... Maybe i just can't believe it was that easy?? I mean it does have that elegant, sweet, slightly southern feel I adore.....don't you think?

    My younger girls Love, Love Madeline! My 8 yo keeps reminding me in the book that I read to them " the smallest of them all was Madeline. " it's totally tugging at my heart strings, but I worry about mispronunciation, I just do not love Madelyn....maybe I am over worried about that.... Plus I am not sure of a middle.... Madeline Jane?
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    Anna Caroline is my favorite! And I actually really like Tessa. All great choices!

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    If you spell it Madeline, I think you'll get the -line pronunciation. Madeline Joy, Madeline Felicity, Madeline Charlotte Jane, Madeline Johanna, Madeline Joy-Anna? I really like Madeline with your last name.

    Sorry hubby said no to Morgan!

    Cecily and Cecilia have the same meaning. I thought Cecilia was on your list at one time?

    One I just thought of is Natalie. Or Valerie. Pretty with your last name, not heard everywhere, nice with Jane!
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