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    It's probably the natural evolution of the Aidan/Jaden/Hayden etc trend. Jason, Mason and Grayson/Greyson are (were in Jason's case) popular names and so it's probably an attempt at making a more 'unique' name. Kason I don't like at all, I just think of a suitcase. And Gracyn is like trying to give Grace a longer name but it just looks so awkward to me. Grace is fine, Grayson is fine, just don't try and merge them or it looks awkward.

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    I have actually run into several little Kasons . One had a dad named Jason. I have also seen lots of girls named Gracyn. Not my style on either one, but they are out there.

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    No, I agree that name is way too made up. I have several friends who went with a unique (but not weird) or traditional name for their first kids and a very trendy, made up name for their second. One friend of mine has a son named Declan and is expecting a daughter she's naming Deslynn. Another friend of mine has a son named Keylan (Yes, this one is kind of trendy, but it's not too bad) and just had a daughter she named Kaizlee.

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    I actually know a guy in his late 30s or early 40s named Cason, so it has been out there for awhile, at least.

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    Your other friends are probably trying to be polite. Most people would consider it rude to openly criticise a baby's name after he/she is already named.

    Or they may already associate it with the baby and like it for that reason. I used to hate my youngest nephew's name with a passion, but I love it now because every time I see it I think of my wonderful nephew.

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