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    I'm going to be difficult and say I like Vivian Dell the most. Vivian is absolutely one of my favorite names (it would have been my daughter's name, but DH vetoed it in the eleventh hour) and I think Dell goes well with it.
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    Casting my vote for Josephine Dell. She's more likely to get Jo (like March) than Josie, but will almost definitely be called that, so I'd reconsider if you hate Jo.
    Also, my favourite spelling is Vivian!

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    I like Josephine Dell the best of the three (there are so many nicknames for Josephine!). However I agree with smismar and I like Vivian Dell. I also like the spelling Vivian the best and it may just be me but I pronounce Vivian and Vivienne differently with more emphasis on the -enne in Vivienne so that might be something to consider.

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    Thanks everyone for your opinions! I'm leaning towards Emmeline Louise. I think I like that spelling better!
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    Emmylou! I wanted this name for my daughter due any day but my hubby didnt like it. It's such a sweet and tender name <3
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