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    With Josephine you could use the nns Posy and Effie. I prefer the Emmeline spelling. I could definitely see Emmeline, Vivian and Josephine as sisters. Your combos are lovely as well.
    I agree! I will definitely keep all three in mind if I have more girls!

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    I love all 3 names. Simply lovely. A name I thought would go nice would be Jamie Adele. But I don't think you can go wrong with any of your names.
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    How about Emmaline James.

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    I love the name Josephine and it offers just as many nickname options as Emmaline (i.e., nns that have not been previously listed -- Sephie and Jo). In thinking about your grandfather, Della Josephine came to mind. That would be a 2-3-1 combination. Of course, you would have to like the name Della. Personally, I also love the name Emmaline, but Emma has become way too popular for my liking so I tend to lean toward the rarer names. I have never cared for the name Vivian, but that's a personal preference (and Vivian James is actually a 3-1-1 combo ;-) ).
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    I really love Vivian James and Josephine Dell. Emmeline/Emmaline Louise is lovely, although I really think it's unrealistic to expect a child/adolescent/teenager to want to go by Emmylou. If you do want to call her that, though, Emmeline Louise is a great way to get there while giving her options.

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