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    With Josephine you could use the nns Posy and Effie. I prefer the Emmeline spelling. I could definitely see Emmeline, Vivian and Josephine as sisters. Your combos are lovely as well.

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    I love all three first names, but my favorite combination today is Josephine Dell. I think Dell is a wonderful balance to Josephine and gender-neutral.

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    Love Vivienne and Josephine! I think Emmylou is cute, but I am not a fan of Emmaline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    Love Vivian James! Vivien is actually my fave spelling, followed by Vivienne. Prefer both to Vivian...

    I agree Emmylou is darling! Also much prefer the elegant Emmeline spelling!

    I've recently started liking Josie and Josephine, but if you aren't feeling it, nix it! Josephine could be Joey, Seph, Fifi, or Posey, too.

    For Grandpa Dell, maybe try Adele, Adela, Adelaide, or Adeline. Loving Adeline James! She could go by Addie Jem or Della Jay!
    I do like Adelaide but my cousin named his daughter Adelaide and they call her Addie. Then my cousin on the other side named her daughter Attie Jo. So I can't do the Addie/Attie names, very cute though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by basicsand View Post
    How many syllables are in your last name and what's the first initial? It would be great if each part of the name had differing syllable counts.

    You may also look at under Name Images a few list. The few that come to mind are the Old Lady names, Puritan names, and Ancient names lists.
    One syllable and it starts with R. I think the syllable idea is good. Emmaline Louise would be 3-2-1 the other two would be 3-1-1
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