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    Love Vivienne James or even Vivienne Dell. And I, too, think this spelling is much prettier than Vivian In fact, Vivienne is my #1 for my own second daughter's name so far.

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    Love Vivian James! Vivien is actually my fave spelling, followed by Vivienne. Prefer both to Vivian...

    I agree Emmylou is darling! Also much prefer the elegant Emmeline spelling!

    I've recently started liking Josie and Josephine, but if you aren't feeling it, nix it! Josephine could be Joey, Seph, Fifi, or Posey, too.

    For Grandpa Dell, maybe try Adele, Adela, Adelaide, or Adeline. Loving Adeline James! She could go by Addie Jem or Della Jay!
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    How many syllables are in your last name and what's the first initial? It would be great if each part of the name had differing syllable counts.

    You may also look at under Name Images a few list. The few that come to mind are the Old Lady names, Puritan names, and Ancient names lists.
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    Vivian James sounds lovely! I adore the combination of a classic, feminine first name with a solid, masculine middle. I understand what others are saying about the gorgeous French spelling of Vivienne, but if the Vivian spelling has family significance, I'd stick with that. It's beautiful, regardless.

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    Love the Emmylou idea...too cute! And yet wearable as an adult

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