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    Names for first baby girl! Opinions please!

    Hello! This is my first baby and I'm really excited. However, the name thing has been a lot harder than I ever imagined. I finally have come up with a few that I'm happy with but I'd like some feedback. I'll give a little background to each one.

    Vivian James - Vivian is my grandmothers mn and James is my dads mn.

    Josephine Dell - Josephine is a family name and Dell is my grandpas name whom I adore.

    Emmaline Louise - Will call her Emmylou after my favorite singer, Emmylou Harris.

    I like old lady names but I don't usually like two girly names together (like Vivian Josephine, it's too much for me). I didn't want to use just Emmylou because that might be harder if she wants a more professional name like Emmaline . So I broke my own rule with the last one but come on it's Emmylou! I think Vivian James sounds the strongest which is important to me and Josephine Dell is after my grandpa so it's pretty special too. I don't really care for the nicknames like Viv or Josie though.

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    I like Vivian James and Emmaline Louise (and I adore Emmylou Harris!). I'm less keen on Josephine, and I'd probably go for the French spelling of Vivienne w/James (which I like, though I expect to be in the minority on this site).

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    Love Emmylou - also gives her the option to just use Emma or Emmaline if she prefers

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    Emmaline Louise is my favourite from your list, though I prefer the spelling Emmeline. Josephine Dell comes second and Vivian James third. I prefer the Vivienne spelling to Vivian.
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    I love Vivian James!

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