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    Help me name these twins?

    Hi all!! I've been trying to name these two characters in general for about a week now, and for whatever reason I cannot!

    They're extremely minor and very very young for the duration of the story, so I'm not concerned with the names fitting the characters so much as I'm concerned with them fitting their parents. Though they aren't the most important characters, the four of them, as a name junkie, I want them to be just perfect! The characters are twins, a boy and a girl, and for them I want unique names, but those that are known to be actual names and that aren't made up.

    I'm hoping to possibly find names that are energetic, even cutesy, ending in an -IE/-Y sound.

    Anyway, for little boy twin, the list of ones that fit best for me are Ridley, Radley, Finley, Ashby, and Archer/Archie.

    For little girl twin, I'm stressing the importance of a cutesy name, but so far have Ruby, Lacie, Mattie, Maisie, Aubrie, Cambrie, and Leonie.

    But alas, nothing quite fits, because for the most part they aren't individual enough. And that is where you lovelies come in, to assist in expanding this list. Basically, treat this as your opportunity to turn on your (sane) celebrity baby naming devices to find the perfect unique names.
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    Charlie Elizabeth | Eliot Lucie | Finlay Maeve | Lennon Grace | Maisie Larkin | Sadie Jane
    Amelie Rose | Ezri Madeline | Lily Harper | Olive Katherine | Violet Wren

    Aidan Christopher | Brady Miller/William | Charlie Bennett | Finlay Andrew | Greyson David | Milo Bennett | Ronan James
    Ciaran Ellis | Jackson Paul | Jonah Lachlan | Julian Beau | Levi Declan | Ryder Bailey | Waylon Brooks

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    Cory and Lacie
    Jake and Ellie
    Jamie and Lina
    Tommy and Kelly (hehe)
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    Finley and Ruby is my favorite combo from the ones you listed.

    I think that if you really want a cutesy names, short ones or the ones that feel like a nickname are a way to go Millie, Molly, Holly, Poppy, Lily, or even Sam, Tim, Ben, Danny, Tom, Harry, Jack...

    To add more girls names (probably randomly), I'd say Erin, Zoey, Alice, Ella, Adeline, Hadley, Madeline, Gemma, Emily. For boys (still randomly) Eli, Abel, Finn, Alex, Lee, Martin, Felix, Zane, Lucas, Evan, Owen, Emerson, Theo.
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    Riley and Kasey/Kaci
    Ridley and Maci

    not sure exactly what you want for boys but for girls you could have: Annie, Kaci, Georgie, Poppy, Tilly, Lucy

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