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    Isla, Brooke, Liv or Vivienne?

    I am completely stuck. I have a girl and a boy named Elle and Grant. I'm deciding between Isla, Brooke, Vivienne (Viv) or Liv for my third if it is a girl. I love them all for different reasons but have hang ups about each: Isla (people not knowing how to spell it or mispronouncing it), Brooke (too eighties?), Vivienne (too long with sibling names?), Liv (always being asked if her full name is Olivia. I love just Liv but it annoys me with my daughter when some people ask what it is short for. I always loved just Elle and didn't like a longer name enough) So, I would love your thoughts on the best name with my sibset and why. Middle name will most likely be Carolyn (family name) except with Vivienne as I'm not sure if that's too much of a mouthful. Thank you so much in advance!!!!

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    I like Isla but I think when you say it together with Elle is sounds similar. I like Vivienne a lot and Viv is a cute nn.

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    1 Elle, Grant and Liv - your older children have short names so Liv is fine.
    2 Elle, Grant and Brooke - I'm not a fan of Brooke but it goes well with your other children's names.

    Vivienne is beautiful but very long next to Elle and Grant. Elle and Isla are too similar for me.
    All the best,

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    I think it's between Vivienne and Brooke. Vivienne is a lovely name that would easily fit in with her siblings with a nickname like Vivi or Viv. Brooke is a simple and sweet name that hasn't ever really gone out of style (though it did gain wide recognition in the 80's). Isla might be confused with other names like Ella or Elsa too easily and even get confused with her sister. And Liv...I'm not too taken with it personally.

    Hope this helped you out!

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    I think Brooke by a mile, it goes great with your other kid's names. I absolutely love the simplicity and down to earth feeling of Brooke.
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