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    I like Penelope Juliet and Penelope snow
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    fiammetta Guest
    While Penelope isn't a personal favourite of mine, I prefer Penelope Snow.

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    Oh my goodness, Penelope Juliet Snow makes me gush. It's a wonderful name. Penelope Juliet and Penelope Snow are also great. I also like the suggestion of Penelope Winter. If you and your husband both like Penelope, use it! It isn't terribly popular but familiar enough to be pronounced and spelled easily. If you don't like it though, keep looking.

    Some pretty Greek names:

    Alexandra/Alexandrina/Alexandria Juliet Snow
    Aphrodite Juliet Snow
    Athena Juliet Snow
    Callista Juliet Snow
    Calliope Juliet Snow
    Cassia Juliet Snow
    Carissa Juliet Snow
    Delia Juliet Snow
    Dorothea Juliet Snow
    Elena Juliet Snow
    Hermione Juliet Snow
    Nerissa Juliet Snow
    Olympia Juliet Snow
    Persephone Juliet Snow
    Philomena Juliet Snow
    Tullia Juliet Snow (in honor of your choice Tulip?)
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    Why don't you use Penelope Tallulah or Penelope Thalia or Penelope Toula (Tula) and call her Petal? It's a quirky nickname that daddy loves with a "big girl" name with pizazz. Add another middle if you like - Penelope Tallulah Gem, Penelope Thalia Fleur, Penelope Toula Celeste?
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    @mega_muffin- We aren't into Greek names I just found it super sweet how it meant flower in Greek. It was like an added bonus. And he likes it much better then Tulip after I had mentioned some of the teasing that can happen and how Tool would be in our child's name. I do like Chyrsanthe but I highly doubt he would like that name at all. He is so weird and surprises me every time with names.

    @mrse- Thank you for putting in a vote!

    @fiammetta- Its not my favorite but I don't hate it and he seems to like it a lot so I have to keep it on the list for him. And it goes with all of our boy choices which is a plus.

    @axps123- Thank you! I was shocked he even liked Penelope Juliet Snow which is probably our front runner name, then Penelope Juliet and Penelope Snow. Thank you for suggesting some names! I love Olympia! I tried getting him to like that because I had paired it with Hazel and he won that battle.... With Tullia it still has that Tool sound to it if I am pronouncing it right which he did not like. I love Aphrodite as well! I am going to see how he feels about that name. Not sure if that is too out there for his taste. He always surprises me with names/combos.
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