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Thread: Mila or Milana?

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    I don't think anyone is going to think of melena when you say Milana! I like both, actually. Milana sounds richer and more elegant, while Mila is more cutesy and is a nice "Mia" alternative. You can also call her Millie as a nn if you name her Mila, which is very cute.

    How about Milena instead?

    Overall, though, I think I would go with Milana because you should stick to your first idea. Motherly intuition is always nearly 99.9% accurate!
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    I prefer Mila Vivienne.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Milena is better spelled like this... MILA for a nickname.... Mi-lay-na is better than Mil-lana... I don't like the middle name...

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    What about Milani ?

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