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    How many hours does your profession expect you to work?

    Are you an executive? Do you work long hours? How many hours do you work and do you think you work too long? Is your boss supportive of you or an overbearing bully?

    From observation over the last 20 years it seems that executives are working longer and longer and their families are seeing less and less of them.

    Are you happy in your profession or do you feel obliged to work long hours or be given your walking orders?

    Is there a lot of stress in your working environment and if so how do you destress yourself?

    Has having children made it harder to work longer hours or do you have a nanny?

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    Hi Rollo... So I don't think your questions are especially aimed at me since I'm not an executive - but I find them interesting so I'd like to answer anyway.

    I'm an adjunct college professor - and adjunct is just a fancy way to say part-time. So in some ways it's ideal: I teach my classes and go home. I can do all my prep at home and I'm basically left to my own devices. Very little oversight by any boss (generally only when a student complains) and basically no co-worker interaction. One meeting a semester, at most. So it has a lot of great parts, especially for a mom.

    BUT - and there's always a but isn't there??? I have zero protection in terms of employment rights. So since I'm due on 12/8 and the fall semester would run mid-August to mid-December - and I (obviously) can't guarantee I can teach all the way until the end - they've refused to give me any more classes. And they have every legal right in the world to do it since I'm just part-time. Also: no benefits of any kind, no office, no sick days, no anything. And the pay is about as low as it gets, most of us make just enough to barely pass the Federal Poverty line, some of us make less (even though you generally have to have at least a Master's degree, many have PhD's). They don't ask for our feedback or opinions on anything and we get very little training - but then when you do something wrong, you get in trouble for it.

    Anyway, so it's kind of great and kind of awful. The hours are wonderful... but now I'm pregnant and out of work because of it. BOO.

    Like I said though, very interesting questions and I'm looking forward to the responses you get!

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    I'm a lawyer and I work about 40-45hours a week. I focus entirely on my job when I am in the office or travelling for work. So no lengthy coffee breaks and chats at the water cooler! I leave early on a Friday and if I need to work I do it after my kids are in bed. I work one late night a week and the other 4 nights I am home early to do dinner, bath and bedtime. If I have a big case on I'll do the occasional weekend day in the office but this is really a push! My work are not great but its my family and nothing is more important! I have family help and would love to go part time in the next few years.
    I agree that I am being pressed to do longer hours and more travel. Whilst it has not affected my promotion prospects so far I think it will prevent me reaching the top despite being good at my job.

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    Should also say my job is very stressful at times. I try and ensure I eat well, exercise ( easier said than done!) and get enough sleep (again easier said than done if stressed). Our dog died recently but I really found walking the dog a stress relief!
    I love my job but its not great with kids

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    I'm a teacher, not an executive, but I work at least 43 hours a week, usually more like 45. Basically, 9 hours a day.

    My son is 4. There would be no way I could have taught these hours when he was a baby. I was teaching part time then, which was awesome.
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