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    How's Ash as a girl's name?

    Is Ash too dark or weird, or is it okay? I kind of like it.

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    I like it too.

    But if you think it's too dark, maybe it could just be a nickname for Ashleigh/Ashley.

    But it works fine on it's own too. It could be really sweet and cool with a girl called Ash...

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    I personally don't like it on a girl. Mostly because it was always a nickname my sister and friends would use to pick on me with when we were younger. Not in a mean way, but it was a joke to them. A lot of them watched Pokemon, which does still play and have new episodes, and the main character is Ash. And he's a boy, and I just remember being 'Ash, like from Pokemon' So I never went by it. And so for me personally, I can't say I like the name Ash on a girl. But not for the reasons you asked. Do I think it's dark? No. Do I think it's a horrible name for a little girl? No. Many Ashley's and Ashlynn's do go by Ash at times, so it's not totally out of the ordinary.
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    I like it. It sort of like an updated version of Ashley/Ashlyn. I don't think of Pokemon or ashes at all, I think of the tree. I think it's super cute.
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    Reminds me of Ashley which I dislike due to the overuse amongst my peers.

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