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    Whoa! Long list, indeed! Some beautiful names here.

    Magnolia / Aurelia / Cecelia / Octavia / Cordelia / Ophelia / Antonia - these names are similarly regal, feminine, and strong, but Magnolia has a nice Southern (USAian) flare that gives it more character. Aurelia can be a bit of a tongue twister, and it's a hard name for kidlets to say (not that that's overly important). Cecelia has a really unfortunate meaning, but it's got a nice sound to it. Have you also considered Cecily? Less common, has a nice feminine sweetness to it. Octavia is more lovely than all of the others combined. So unusual! But beautiful. Cordelia and Ophelia have the Shakespearean resonance, so that's something. I wish I could love Ophelia, but it reminds me of all those awful words that end in "philia." Also consider Ofelia, either pronounced the English way or oh-FAY-li-ya or oh-FELL-i-ya

    Leila or Layla / Lailia / Lilia / Isla - not a huge fan, kind of insubstantial sounding...too soft with all those L's.

    Arabella - Princessy, but potentially spunky? IDK. Not a big fan.

    Aurora - Pretty, slightly hard to say, beautiful meaning. Cute nickname potential.

    Gabriella / Alessandra - Pretty, feminine, graceful. Were I to see either of these on paper, I'd assume Latina or Hispanic child.

    Charlotte - Sooooooooooo popular

    Genevieve - One of my favourites! Strong meaning, familiar but not too common.

    Linnea - Not a favourite of mine.

    Penelope / Clementine / Felicity - Spunky, quirky, girly, cute! Penelope or Felicity Joy would be such a lovely, cheerful combo.

    Adrianna - Very 80s/90s to me. I knew a billion of 'em growing up.

    Marguerite / Juliet / Colette / Madeleine / Josephine - French and sophisticated! Cool!

    Georgia - Solid, full of character, pretty.

    Primrose - Eh.

    Ivy - Cool nature name with lots of character.

    Athena - A lot of name to carry! I'm not particularly keen on it myself.

    Aster - Vintage! Funky! Clunky-beautiful! Gorgeous double meaning flower/star. Super underused.

    Violet / Gemma - Cute, funky, girly. Gemma is a little insubstantial. Also consider Violetta, perhaps?

    Wren / Lavender / June or Junia / Juniper - Naturey, trendy, sweet. I love Lavender personally (ever since Matilda!). And Juniper, what a name! But if you wander into certain hipster hoods you'll find a lot of these...especially June, Juniper, and Wren.

    Arden - not into it at all. Disappears into all the "-en" names.

    Matilda / Eloise / Hazel / Alice / Harriet / Jane / Lucy - Lovely vintage classics that are super cute (and also pretty damn popular and/or are gaining in popularity). My favourite of the bunch is Matilda. Great nick name potential! Jane is short and sweet. Hazel! Lovely Hazel! That Z is so zesty.

    Do you have anything else to go on besides this list? People you want to honour? Trends you want to avoid? Meanings you'd like it to have? Etc etc.


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    Thanks for the opinions guys!

    Cosmonaut, I think we'll want to give our daughter (someday!) one name that we really love and one name that symbolizes strength or wisdom in some way, or that honors a strong female from history or literature. It's important to me to emphasize female role models, and we're both huge history and literature geeks, so that will probably influence it in some way… but I also love girly names, hence Magnolia and Arabella. So that's why there's a weird mash up of soft, flowy names and strong girl names like Matilda and Josephine.
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    Great names! I don't have time to comment on each of them now, but here are a few combo ideas:

    Magnolia Genevieve
    Linnea Primrose
    Hazel Cordelia
    Ivy Josephine
    Antonia Arden
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    My favorites were these.....


    With these in mind and your list of mn's, I'd suggest:

    Magnolia Sophia Joy
    Aurora Alice Mae
    Ivy Amelia Adele
    Arden Olivia Alice
    Penelope Victoria
    Marguerite Olivia
    Isla Eleanor
    Violet Adele
    Hazel Sophia

    Of your names I really love Linnea but I was having a hard time pairing it with a middle name from only the mn list. Out of both lists, however, I think I like Linnea Penelope or Linnea Madeline June or something to that extent.

    Lovely list though! It was tough narrowing it down!
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