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    With Calvin, I like Molly and Eliza (I think people today would more likely nn her Ellie or Elle....Liza is dated and probably wouldn't come to most peoples' minds first) best from your choices.

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    I think your best options are Eliza, Felicity, Fiona, and Molly.

    I can't see people shortening Eliza to Liza very much-- I agree with claireelise, it's dated. Calling her Ellie would be a good way to almost name her Eleanor. I think Eliza fits best with Calvin.

    I disagree with Mischa--- "Fiona Horns" sounds fine to me. I don't think the Shrek association is anything to worry about--it's not like she's a bad character.

    And if your husband is worried about the length of Felicity, maybe decide on a nickname? I've heard Cricket, Flick and Fee as nns for Felicity.
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    I like Corina, I don't think it's a problem with your nieces. It isn't the same as, say, naming your baby the exact same name as your sister or sister-in-law or your girlfriend's baby. Then it would be a problem. I love Eliza, and you can always call her Ellie instead. Fiona-personally, I didn't even think of Shrek until you mentioned it. I think it's a great name!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb0303 View Post
    We are having a baby girl in October and I'm not loving any names yet. Our last name is one syllable (rhymes with Horns). Here is a list of names we're considering:

    Amelia - too popular?
    Annabelle - husband doesn't like it
    Cecily - don't like CeCe nn
    Charlotte - too popular?
    Corina - have nieces Caroline and Nina, too close?
    Eleanor - have niece Eloise, too close?
    Eliza - don't like Liza nn
    Felicity - husband thinks it's too many syllables
    Fiona - Shrek?
    Molly - too cutesy?
    Nora - doesn't sound great with last name

    We also have a son named Calvin, so we may want our daughter to not have a C name so they have different initials.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
    Amelia - It's a nice name, though it is getting quite popular. If you like it more than the popularity bugs you though, I'd say use it.
    Annabelle - I wouldn't use a name my OH couldn't get on board with if he/she had a valid reason for not liking it.
    Cecily - I don't think people would automatically nickname her. Especially because Cecily ends in a -ee sound so it almost has the nickname sound in its formal form.
    Charlotte - Much too popular.
    Corina - Caroline isn't too similar to it, but Nina is a little too close. If you can get past it, use it, if you think it will be an issue, nix it.
    Eleanor - It's not too similar to Eloise in my mind since the end sounds are very different.
    Eliza - Considering Liza is 4/5 of the name, I would be wary of using this if you don't like Liza.
    Felicity - Maybe if you choose a one-syllable MN he would be okay with this?
    Molly - not too cutesy. My cousin has a Molly. It's not my style but it's all right.
    Nora - Great name, but it does soudn like it would clash with the last name, so I'd nix this one. You could use Eleanor nickname Nora, that way you still get both names, but the "real name" works with last-name.

    Best options, imo:

    Cecily - favorite option
    Eleanor ("Nora")
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