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    Baby girl in October and stuck on names...

    We are having a baby girl in October and I'm not loving any names yet. Our last name is one syllable (rhymes with Horns). Here is a list of names we're considering:

    Amelia - too popular?
    Annabelle - husband doesn't like it
    Cecily - don't like CeCe nn
    Charlotte - too popular?
    Corina - have nieces Caroline and Nina, too close?
    Eleanor - have niece Eloise, too close?
    Eliza - don't like Liza nn
    Felicity - husband thinks it's too many syllables
    Fiona - Shrek?
    Molly - too cutesy?
    Nora - doesn't sound great with last name

    We also have a son named Calvin, so we may want our daughter to not have a C name so they have different initials.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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    With one syllable surname that rhymes with Horns, I would eliminate Nora, Corina, Eleanor and Fiona right off the bat due to the repetitive "or/on" sounds. If your hubby doesn't like Annabelle then it's off the table too. Personally, I like the longer, multi-syllabled names best with a short last name.

    3 Faves

    Felicity - I think this name flows the best with your surname.
    Cecily - If you don't mind your two children sharing an initial, this would be wonderful with Calvin.
    Amelia - This sounds pretty with a short surname
    All the best,

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    Amelia- I've only ever met one Amelia, I think it's quite pretty!
    Annabelle- I don't like it either
    Cecily- Pretty, but I don't like CeCe as a nn either.
    Charlotte- nms, really popular
    Corina- It's pretty, but it is practically your nieces names smooshed together
    Eleanor- I don't think it's too close to Eloise
    Eliza- I don't like Liza either, maybe Ellie as a nn?
    Felicity- nms, and for a lengthy name it doesn't come with an obvious nn
    Fiona- I think it's cute
    Molly- Not a fan
    Nora- Probably my favorite of your name choices, I think it's really pretty.
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    Amelia - I don't think it's too popular, but I prefer the Emilia spelling. I think it looks prettier and isn't nearly as popular. Plus, it's Shakespearean.

    Annabelle - Not a fan of this either. Sorry.

    Cecily - If you don't like CeCe, have you considered Celia instead?

    Charlotte - Not a fan of this. But yes, if popularity is a concern, this one is way too popular.

    Corina - If you see your nieces often, yeah, I think it's too close.

    Eleanor - Eleanor and Eloise don't bother me. They're different enough that I think it's fine. Plus, there are nicknames you can use (like Nora) to be different.

    Eliza - What about naming her Elisa? You get rid of the Liza nickname then. Or you can name her Elizabeth and call her any number of names from that -- Libby, Lily, Ellie, etc. to avoid Liza.

    Felicity - Not a fan. Sorry.

    Fiona - Ditto.

    Molly - I like this, but I think it needs a more formal name with the nickname Molly. Maybe Margaret?

    Nora - You could use Nora as a nickname for Eleanor and you avoid the last name issue since most people who call her by the first and last name will be using her full first name.

    My favorites from your list are Amelia (though I like Emilia) and Eleanor.

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    I love Charlotte, Annablle, Fiona, and Felicity .

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