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Thread: Lucius/Lucian?

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    Lucius or Lucian - I personally like them both and I can't decide which I prefer. What do you guys think? Also, more suited as a first or middle name?
    Thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I love them both and I don't know which one I prefer either. Thinking hard about it, I'm probably more drawn to Lucius. They're both very handsome names. I also think they work well as a first name or a middle name. Either way, you can't go wrong with these two names.

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    Ahhh man I can't decide either. Not my favourite 'Luc' names but they're nice. I think Lucius just about gets it, expecially when pronounced LOO-see-us, à la Lucius Malfoy. Yep, Lucius is the winner- by saying Lucian over and over I've just realised it reminds me of 'pollution' and 'ablution' :/

    I think they'd be fine as FNs or MNs.

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    I prefer Lucian. I say it 'loo-see-un' so I don't have the same association as CandP.

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    Lucius for me; it's a beautiful, gorgeous name, and I love -us ending. I pronounce it the same as CandP. Lucius is on my list, I think I might use it as a middle, but I think it's magnificent as a first! Clairedelune recently named her little one Lucius, so we have some Lucius fans here!

    Lucian is a fine name too, though, I like the reference to mr. Lucian Freud.
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