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    Really? My name is Ellie and I could totally imagine it on a woman. I get really annoyed when people say that names are insubstantial or too cutesy. Ellie is one of the most established nickname-names there is. I love my name and would never change it.
    If you don't agree with me though, you could try it. I wouldn't officially change it, but you could just go by Mariella. Then, if in a few years, if you don't like it anymore, you could go back to Eleanor or Ellie, or change it to something else entirely.
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    Eleanor is a gorgeous name. Plus,it seems much more versatile than Mariella. Mariella is frillier,though pretty.Nora as a nickname sounds pretty grown up to me,you could always try that.
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    It's normal to wonder if your name is truly "you."

    Elle, Nell, Nora, Ella, or Lena are all elegant choices. Or you could try going by Mary for a bit and see how that feels.
    For what it's worth, I think Eleanor Mary is a gorgeous combination. Mariella's not my favorite, though I like Mariel.

    It's a little unclear whether you're talking about using Mariella as a nickname or officially changing your name. Having legally changed my name, I can tell you that it's not something I'd recommend unless the change has already happened inside of you. If you try it out with your friends and Mariella is really you, truly deeply and forever, then wait a few years and make sure it still is (since there's no need to hurry). Once you are Mariella (or Mariel, Nora or Lenore) with your friends, family, school, jobs, and most of all inside yourself, then and only then look into legally changing it.

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    I think you should stick with a variant of Eleanor (which is lovely). Elle (like the letter L), Em, and Emma are nice choices.

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