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    Should I rename myself Mariella?

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm 15 (16 in 16 days!) and in a year I'm changing schools.
    I really don't like my nickname that I've had since I was a baby, Ellie, I find it too childish and I really cant picture an adult named Ellie. I've been thinking of alternatives and I've come up with Mariella, which I love. Its a mix of my first and middle name Eleanor Mary. I have the nn Nora and Leigh/Lee/Leah ect and although I like Eleanor, I don't feel like I am one. My surname is Porter. Does Mariella Porter sound weird together? I'm British, so imagine saying it in a British accent
    Thanks for all your help,
    Ellie xx
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    I voted yes. I like Mariella better than Eleanor and Mary.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Honestly, Eleanor is much more beautiful than Mariella and less frilly. I understand you may not feel like your name but I think you should continue searching.
    Mariella Potter is a bit too hard on "r"-s and if you are changing your name, I think you should destroy this problem. Do you like Mirabella(same amount of "r" but "be" softens it), Margaret/Margot, Mathilda, Helena? They have the same style but go better with your last name in my opinion.
    Also, do you consider changing your nickname not name? Eleanor can also be shortened to Nell or Ann/Annie. And will you be changing your middle name too?
    P.S. If you would like to keep searching, I recommend to try the site called Nymbler(maybe you have heard/used it). You add the names you love(or have:Eleanor, Mary, Mariella) and it gives you some suggestions you may like. It's really helpful!
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    I have noticed a trend on here of teens wanting to change their names. I really don't mean to be offensive, but it seems like a very "teen" thing to do. Eleanor Mary is beautiful and the name your parents gave you. It is far better than Mariella. If you really need to step out there, use Nora which seems a much more mature thing to do than make up a name.

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