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    Help me name my villian

    /I am trying to write a fantasy story and I am halfway through the preparations, however I can't settle on the name for the major male character.

    This magical world that I have in mind exists in a parallel way to the world we live in, and is made up of different elements. (water,fire,air,earth,wood) People in this world are born with strengths in different elements, which is mostly genetically inherited, but in rare cases some sorcerers can learn to master magic of other elements. Most people have one kind major element powers and another minor one.

    This character, let's call him X for now, is gifted in the fire element and he had no minor element (which is very rare), so he is very good at offensive magic. His parents have retired to our world (non-magic) ever since he came of age. He was unable to find a job in the magical world since very few people needed to ''attack'' other people. So he went to our world and worked for a few years as coal miner until another girl from the magical world persuaded her to take a job in their own world. (By the way her name is Letitia). After that he worked in the magical world as a body guard to a sorceress (A businesswoman who owns a jewelery company)*. And that's how he met co-worker Avna (major female character), and they fell in love with each other but they did not get together. Afterwards another employer approached him to do magical experiment work (for the bad guys) at first he didn't realize it but he got drawn towards them and turned bad too.

    His appearance - not extraordinary handsome, but very attractive to woman. Black hair. Black eyes.
    Intelligent. Agile. Physically strong. He is the kind of person that wanted to achieve something in his life (but not exactly ambitious).
    I would describe X as a sun, a person who radiates energy, and feels very 'alive'. (The energy drove inward after his failure to find a job and finally draw him to evil)

    I have a few names I like but none of which I fell in love with.
    They are:

    Niran (flames)
    Ayden (small fire)
    Niall (passionate,vehement)

    Which of these would you prefer? Other suggestions are welcome too.

    Sorry for being so wordy

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