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    Full name for nickname "Lavi"

    I need ideas for a full name for the nickname "Lavi" (lah-vee). It's a Hebrew name meaning "lion". I am ok with Lavi on it's own, but my husband wants a more "substantial" full first name. Any ideas are appreciated!

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    Hmm..this is tough. What about:

    Flavian or Flavius- Latin for blond or yellow hair. It would be cool that the meaning kind of correlates with lion.

    Olavi- the Finnish form of Oliver. I like it.

    Stanislav, Tomislav- of the slavic options that could get you to Lavi, i think these are good ones. Now there are some substantial names!

    Good luck!
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    Why not make up a name?
    Would you be able to validly get Lavi out of Lysander? Lavsander? Too much light Lavender, I suppose.
    Lavion's another one I think I've made up.
    Alavor? (Al-av-or? Not quite Oliver.)
    I dunno...
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