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    8 weeks left, and we have *NO* name, help!

    Hey there!

    Oh my gosh, okay, so, when we found out we were having another son we were pretty dead set on naming him Henry. Then, we were having a really hard time coming up with a middle name, and it has just been a downward spiral from there.

    Now we are left with nothing. My husband is good with Henry George, but is also game for exploring more options.

    I am looking for something with a bit more "OOMPH", more fun and less "standard". All in all I think it is a really nice name. Our son is Wesley Alder (goes by Wes), a name which we love and I think is a really good blend of fun and funky.

    So, some names we are considering.....

    -George Rockwell (Perhaps calling him Rocco?)
    -George Sullivan (too trendy with the Sully?)
    -George Ackerley (but it gives him the initials of GAS)
    -George Wilder (trendy)

    Here is the thing though, we want to include the name George, to us, that is important. However, there is no need for it to be first, the flow of George just tends to lead itself to the front because it is so strong. Does that make sense? I would prefer it as a middle name, but can't find any first names that work with it. So, if we continue to run into that issue, we are okay with having George be the first name, and using his middle name as his "known" name. My husband goes by his middle name, and it hasn't been an issue for him.

    Please, berries, I need help with some fun, quirky suggestions/combos, that are a bit different, but not too "out there".

    Sorry, I hope this has made some sense, tired, hot pregnant woman stressing out over here.

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    I vote for George Sullivan nn Sully. To me Wes and Sully is a great sibset!

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    This is a new one from today. We haven't had an "ah-ha" moment with it yet, but I do like it a lot, and I think it is growing on my husband. I worry about the Monster's Inc. association.

    Quote Originally Posted by emekct View Post
    I vote for George Sullivan nn Sully. To me Wes and Sully is a great sibset!

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    Wesley Alder is such a great union of a classic and a nature name! Have you considered pairing George with a name with the rugged outdoorsiness of Alder? Here are some suggestions:

    George Forrest
    George Everest
    George Banyan
    George Perigrine
    George Linden
    George Sylvan

    Sylvan sounds a lot like Sullivan, but it resolves the Sully concern. It is Latin for from the forest. I like it! I agree George generally flows better as a first name and its such a good, solid name. Good luck!
    Mom to Rusha, Tarek, and Naseem

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    George is one of my faves! George Sullivan sounds fantastic.

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