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    Does this sound stupid?

    We like the name Madeleine for our daughter but our last name is Hutchinson which kind of rhymes. If you met a girl called Madeleine Hutchinson would you think it sounds silly?

    Madeleine pronounced mad eh lun not mad e line or mad e lynn

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    Why don't you choose a first name that varies from the syllable count of your last name? A full name sounds better if each of the separate names has a different syllable count each.

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    We like longer names that can be shortened into a cute nickname. Our first is Indiana nn Indie. We would like to keep within this format for our next

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    To be honest, I think the pronunciation you want will be difficult to enforce in the US. I don't think it sounds silly or too rhymey either way.
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    The French say Madeleine as 'mad-lehn' or 'mad-leyn'. Either way, it sounds fine with Hutchinson. I can't hear the rhyme at all O_o

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