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    Oooh, I love Peter for you. It would be on our list if it hadn't already been used in the family. It seems so dashing and solid but with that Panlike hint of boyish charm and fun, which is very much what I consider to be a good model for a young chap (probably because that's exactly what the other half is like). The only potential downside is the nn Pete, but in the middle you don't have to worry about that.

    I also think I forgot to say before how much I love Marian (I'm originally a Nottingham girl, so the Robin Hood thing is super cool to me; definitely save Robin for a future little lad). Crushing on the Marianne spelling (as in Austen's Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility) right now, possibly nn Marnie.

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    Yay, more positiveness! I forgot about Spiderman. Might be because I never saw those movies... spiders scare the you know what out of me. But he's a superhero, so that's another plus!

    Amy; I've never read those books, but I looked them up and they look cool!!!! Worth reading? Should I buy one?

    Aurora; hehe, yeah, England rocks! Look at photos from Birmingham and Leicester and see how you feel then...

    C&P; it's got to be the weather! And the RB. When I was little my mother made me and my sister "Wuthering Heights" gowns (like Kate has in the videos, one red and one white) and we'd dance in that crazy way she does and twirl around.

    Lex; whoa, that's a crazy sib set! Kind of cool... but a little themey!

    Caro; oooh, I've got a friend from Nottingham! Love it up there . Marianne is gorgeous too (I kind of feel like Marian covers ms Dashwood as well, and this means my daughter gets to marry Alan Rickman!!!!). Robin will be used... Love it so so much. You're lucky to be from Robin Hood land!
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    It's my brother's name, so I love it.
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    Well my darling little boy is Peter so of course I love it!! . I like it more and more as time goes by. It's classic and charming!

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    Oh I am terrified of spiders, but Spiderman has still always been my fave. Obviously you've got the other Peter references as well, but let me tell you, from the perspective of a little boy? Having the name of a superhero gets you super awesome mom points! (James Logan from X-man... Plus I hope he'll also like the connection to Harry later.)

    Michael Crichton is my favorite author. He wrote 'Jurassic Park' (don't know if that is the the kind of sci-fi you're normally into but he is amazing). As far as Congo goes, I think you should just rent the movie. It came out in 1995, and was nothing world-shattering, but the Peter in it is definitely a heart-warming character. The gorilla named Amy doesn't hurt either. =]
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