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    Ooooh I'm so excited!!!! I'm so happy everyone likes Peter! I had forgotten about The Railway Children (oops!), and Peter and the Wolf. I still love Robin more, but I think it would be cheesy to have Marian and Robin right after each other. Little brother can get Robin. I do know a few Peter's, it's my brothers middle name (well, almost, spelled a little differently) and I've had two friends named Peter (one I still have, the other drifted away), and they're both wonderfully weird boys. Peter's ranked at #155, under 400 babies given the name in 2011. But I'm not very concerned with the popularity of the middle names.
    C&P, yes, I love the soundtracks to both movies! Beautiful and plinky tunes. Sessh, I have seen the Jason Isaacs one, I've got a mild obsession with him. The reason I didn't mention it is that I really favoured Captain Hook in this movie... I kind of rooted for him. By the way, you know the children's room in this movie? The cloud painted ceiling? That's what Roo's nursery ceiling looks like. I got inspired.

    Thank you all so much, wonderful to get all these responses even if this was a normal name for a change! You're all wonderful!

    and C&P, isn't Kate Bush wonderful? I think I'm in an awfully English mood at the moment, everything that feels truly English to me makes me happy. Like Eton Mess... and Treacle Tart and Spotted Dick. Ok, I'm totally off topic now.
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    You forgot Peter Parker aka Spiderman... Talk about awesome. I also love this one because of Professor Peter Elliot from my most favorite book ever, Congo, but I have realized that story has no bearing on the rest of the world and I accept that... But yes, it's great and I 100% vote for it. Love. =]
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    I thought of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, too, but that's a very American association, not the sweet, whimsically English associations you're looking for in Peter (though he's awesome, and maybe you're obsessed with Spider-Man comics over there too!)

    I think Peter would be lovely as a middle. I know several Peters of several ages, and one little Peter in particular is adorable, but I hadn't stopped to think of all the English storybook, fairytale associations. I think it's wonderful.

    Treacle Tart!! How much more English can you get? I've never been to England, but it's on my dream list. I grew up with the Beatrix Potter books, I adore C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, the photos of Oxford and Cambridge nearly make me drool...did I mention I'm a sucker for a British accent?
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    Peter is a GORGEOUS name. (Marian's one of my favorites, btw, in case I haven't told you. It's one of those perfect names: uncommon-but-familiar, elegant, with history.) I think Peter'd be a superb choice.

    I love Paul too.

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    I think Peter would be a very distinguished mn for one of your brood. I actually think it really would be a much better than Robin.
    Robin and Marian are a bit too Hoody's together. (my 1/2 siblings are Pet3r, Mich@el and W3ndy and I always thought that was a little odd).
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