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    Shockingly I like Peter for you! I think it compliments Aphrodite's middle name quite well. And you have amazing first names. I think it's the ultimate package. Go for it!
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    I think Peter is underused and under appreciated! Go for it!!!

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    Peter is a great, strong name with a lot going for it. If we didn't have a bad family connection by that name, it would have been high on my list. I have a friend with a 4 year-old named Peter and he is a sweetheart.

    I think it fits all your criteria and you should go for it.
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    A big YES to Peter. You seem to love it, it fits your requirements, it's a great name. Yes.
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    I love Peter! I especially love the character Peter Hatcher from the Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing/Fudge series. I've always thought of Peter as the male equivalent of Alice - fun literary associations, classic, and underused (although Alice has been climbing the ranks).
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