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    Quote Originally Posted by leah22 View Post
    I met two children and their mother, who is pregnant with twin girls, from my hometown this week. When the mom introduced her kids, I thought "not too bad," however I regret asking about the middle names. The names were shocking, especially since the children are absolutely gorgeous. The mother later added me on facebook so I'm certain about these outrageous spellings.
    Little girl: Kohl NovymberrRayn
    Little boy: Memphis NyghtTrayn
    At this point I'm sure that the mom is a Guns n Roses fan. Only when I asked about the twin girls names did I realize that this mother is truly obsessed.
    Twin girls: Vanellope NuRose (say Penelope, okay now say Vanellope, I know I know) and PerryWinkle RokkitQween

    WDYT of these names? Would you name your children after a musical group, song, movie, etc.? If you did, what would the names be?
    1. Those names are atrocious.
    2. I would name my children after a song, movie, musical group depending on the name.
    3. The names? Too many of them. But I do like Aurora (Foo Foo Fighters), Persephone (Cocteau Twins) and Alice (again, Cocteau Twins), Jude (The Beatles) and Lucy (again, the Beatles). As for musical groups, Nazareth (boy) and Evanesence (girl) are really cool.

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    Some of the worst names I've heard ;(. I always feel bad for these children. I am so glad my mother named me Rachel. It is popular but much better than something crazy or a weird spelling.

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    I actually plan to use names that reflect my favorite musicians, but I'd say 80% of them are simply coincidences.
    For example, Mark Thomas is a not-so-discreet reference to Blink 182, but it's not my fault that Thomas is my fiance's father's name. Alexander and Patrick also happen to be members of my favorite bands as well.

    I see no issue at all naming after music, but the example given is a little extreme. There's plenty of adorable and great names that relate to Guns N Roses she could have used.

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    Ummm... Well, I think it is awful, but that is just me. I can see using names that connect to your favorite music or bands... But I prefer doing it a bit more subtly... Such as, I actually like Prince, and I have thought of using Violet in the mn spot as a slight connection to purple, which also happens to be my fave color, lol!
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    Anabelle Lee is a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and Nazareth is where Jesus came from. Funny how people have so many different reference points.

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