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    Yeah, this is just a little bit too far gone to be plausible IMO. I always find it a little off in threads like these when people randomly meet strangers, and share their kids' *totally, utterly bizarre* name combinations.

    Then again, if I had a kid I'd be tempted to make up wackadoodle fake names just to see people's reactions...

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    renrose Guest
    Terrible names! Lol. I renamed them for funsies:

    Kohl Novymber Rain - Nichola Amber Reine

    Memphis NyghtTrayn - Agamemnon Niall Travis

    Vanellope NuRose - Calliope Noor Rose

    Perrywinkle RokkitQween - Peronel Rocana Quinn

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    lol southern.maple

    Well, um, that's... cool. I guess. Vanellope is the only first name I'm really on the fence about since all I see is envelope. Kohl is a bit weird too? The middle names are giggle-inducing.

    To answer your question, yeah, I'd probably name my kids things related to my favorite band. Considering that Gerard is on my boy's list, I have a dreadful desire to use the middle name Way, and my love for Helena is a fairly direct result of the song Helena (So Long and Goodnight) existing. However, I would at least try to be subtle/tasteful with my naming.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Those poor kids!
    Some people are worth melting for.

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    I've contemplated using names related to a song/band I like but I can't bring myself to do it. Even when it is tastefully done (ex. Benjamin for Breaking Benjamin or Eva from the song Eva).

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