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    My fiancé knows that I'm on here a lot. I don't know if he knows I have an account or post to the forums. Or even if there are forums. I talk to him about names sometimes- when he's in the mood for it. Usually he starts suggesting things like Captain or Doctor and I know he's done. He asks sometimes what I'm doing when I'm on here, but usually I don't o into specifics. I'm afraid he'll think it's silly, I guess?
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    Yup, my husband knows, he should do as I've been using the site since I was pregnant in 2009! Lol.
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    I joined while scouring the internet whilst looking for names for my girl-cats and not a human child. So now my girl-cat have very fancy names.

    I got out of a very LT relationship just before joining NB, so no SO. I'm in grad school & don't live with family. So no, no one knows.

    However, if a post/reply of mine came up in a google search, my friends/family could guess, since I used my real name as my s/n.
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