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    my husband does know about nameberry and knows that I keep lists of names. We don't discuss names though. I used to ask him every month if he liked any new names I found, but after a couple years he got tired of it, so now at the end of the year I give him my end of the year list and he circles any names he likes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajh View Post
    My dh knows I spent time on a baby name website, he wouldn't know what it was called though. I do share with him some feedback berries give on the names we are considering. He is not overly interested in names though.
    Ditto! He knows I have an account and that I post, but he wouldn't have the slightest clue what site.
    I'm pregnant, so it's not that weird that I'm looking for names.
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    What significant other? Ha ha ha ha ha.

    My family sort of knows, but I try not to be obvious about it. I'm pretty private, and I feel like the massive name lists would make me seem more baby crazy than I am.

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    No, no and no!!! Haha my husband knows I am always on nameberry and asks what I'm doing. My response: "just checking out names" . He thinks all types of social media, blogs, forums etc are just annoying and thinks people should be doing "real" things and talking to "real" people.........
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    My husband knows, I don't think he cares one way or another that I'm on here. But he asked me yesterday when I was pestering him about name combos "does everyone put as much thought into this stuff as you do?" Haha. Probably not. I've been crazy about names since elementary school.
    We both like "out there" names so I think he likes lots of the ideas I find on here but wishes I wouldn't bug him about it all the time "what do you think of Valencia?" "are you SURE you would never use Yarrow even as a middle name?" He is fairly open about girls' names but he is really set on certain names if we have a boy and they are slightly too fantasy for my taste- so I think he knows I'm on here trying to find names to sway him away from those ones!

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