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    My boyfriend and I are only 18, and while we do not want to have kids for quite awhile, we do want to stay together and hopefully get married, so we've recently started discussing baby names for fun and to have some ideas for the future. At first, I tried to hide my excitement, since other people think my name obsession is kind of strange, but when he started suggesting very berry-esque names, I had to tell him about the site. It almost feels like he has an account from the types of names he suggested. (Sebastian, Adrian, Esperanza, Persephone, etc.) Turns out our styles match perfectly! I'm really glad he shares my obsession, almost to the same degree.
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    My boyfriend knows I'm on a name forum, though I don't think he knows how often or the name. I never really talk about it with him.

    My mom and best friend know a little more how obsessed I am.
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    Yes he knows it.
    But he don't know my name, only that I asked for name ideas here.
    He don't like forums very much, so he's not interested.
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    Yes, my hubby knows. He asks me every once in awhile, like if I say what do you think about _____ and he is uncertain, he will say " what about, Nameberry, what do they say?" lol! He is very involved ( I think I have driven him nuts, and now he is overly involved, lol) he is happy to listen to me and give me his input.
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    Not only does he know, he fully supports it. While he is not into names himself, he encourages the fact that I research and appreciate names, and has told me that when it comes to naming our future kids, I will definitely get the final say because I have years more experience in this than he does. We are both very sensible in that regard, in the same way I would defer to him in situations of other big decisions where he is more knowledgeable. He will actively give me good feedback regarding the "What do you think of...." question, and also point out negatives that I may not have noticed (cultural references I may not know and etc) as well as express interest in particular names and discuss middle name ideas. We both definitely share a mutual desire in finding the right names for our kids.

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