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    Yes, my husband knows about Nameberry. I sometimes ask him which name he prefers when I'm replying to a poll. I don't tell him much about other Berries' opinions on our names because it wouldn't sway him one way or the other anyway. He does know that it was someone on here who talked me into considering the name Brigid, which makes him happy. But mostly he think everyone on here is crazy because I tell him about all the really out there names I see on here LOL!

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    My SO knows. He used to think it was weird but now says he finds it rather adorable. I talk to him about names pretty often and he actually has great taste.
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    DBF totally knows, but thankfully isn't too weirded out. We've been together long enough that we have conversations about our hypothetical future children - how we'll raise them, where they'll go to school, and of course, what their names will be! I don't know if he could tell you the name of this site, but he knows that I love names and I spend time online researching them.

    I will tell you, though, that I have a Word doc with my favorite names, their meanings and how popular they were the previous year, and they're all organized by origin (Italian, Latin, English, etc.). Both DBF and my family think I'm super weird for that...I like to think I'm just being organized!
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    My husband knows and he is very aware of my obsession with names. He doesn't really care, but sometimes he's mildly interested in my names or threads. He knows all our current "contenders" but won't actually talk about them until I'm pregnant.
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    I am loving all of these responses! And you can of course chime in even if you do not have a significant other! Keep them coming
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