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    Opinions on Hannah

    I was wondering what you think of Hannah. I would never use it due to personal connections, but I love the symmetry of it. I don't think that it's that popular because O only know one Hannah.
    I think it can fit into almost any time period (I'm an author)
    What do you think?

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    I know quite a few Hannahs, actually. I agree with you it fits with a lot of different eras and is versatile, but I attribute that to the lack of uniqueness it has. I just find it a bit bland. I, too, write, and when I use the name Hannah I always ensure there's either an interesting middle name or last name to go along with it.
    I also prefer the Hanna spelling. I've used the Japanese variant, Hana, several times as well (it means 'flower', which I think is lovely, and I believe in the particular story I used it as a nickname for Hanako). There's also the German Hannelore, which I've yet to use but could fit right into a fantasy or period drama.

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    I love this name also but i'm the same as you on not being able to use it.

    I knew 4 Hannah's at school. And 1 person recently had a little girl and called her Hannah.

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    I love Hannah.

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    I should like Hannah. It fits in the style of a lot of my favorite names. However, I have never been a huge fan. I don't dislike it, but it seems a bit watered down. I would much rather see Anne or Anna.

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