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    My fiancé (for 8 more days, wheeeee!) knows. He asks me if I've been on NB every day. He's getting a little leery of the "What do you think of (insert name here)" question, but he always listens to me.
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    Does your significant other know you have a Nameberry account? Do they know what Nameberry is? Do you tell your significant other when we (berries) dislike or like certain names/combos?

    My answer: I'm 14 at the moment so that answers most of your questions. My sister knows that I have an account and my mother knows that I'm a huge name nerd. My dad would probably be quite scared if he knew.
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    Hubby knows and thinks it is completely unnecessary/obsessive, ha! But he also knows that I enjoy it, even if babies are some time away, do sometimes he will play along and talk about names. His naming style isn't very "nameberryish," though.

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    Hi! I'm a new berrie so I haven't mentioned this to anyone I know yet. I come from hong kong and I'm a chinese, so I don't discuss english names with my friends - it just never comes up in our conversations. I don't mind telling them, though, they know I have rather unusual interests.

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    Yea my SO knows - I occasionnaly tell him a name or combo, but rarely. He'd rather I pester the NBs on here than him in RL :P He isnt hot on names!

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