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    Does your significant other know!?

    Does your significant other know you have a Nameberry account? Do they know what Nameberry is? Do you tell your significant other when we (berries) dislike or like certain names/combos?

    I am super curious to see what your answers are.

    My Answer: My boyfriend does know I have one, He does know it is a place to find names, discuss names, gather advice and ask other questions. I try to involve him but he leaves it up to me. He knows I like to blog and that I am name lover so he is a supporter. It is super cute when he asks "are you nameberring right now?" I do tell him when you berries give me advice on names etc. I usually say "well the berries liked it!" especially when in his mind some of my names/combos are ridiculous.
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    Well, I don't have an SO, but my family is aware that I spend time here. They give me weird looks when I talk about it, but that's the extent of their care.
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    My husband does know! He doesn't ask about it a lot, but knows I am on it pretty often! I often read comments to him in support of something I like

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    I don't have a SO, but my family definitely knows! Most of them thinks its weird, but my mum likes discussing name with me. She sometimes tells me the names of some of babies she looks after at the hospital.
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    Boyfriend knows.
    I talk about it.
    Don't think he could tell you the site though.

    He does have an interest in names..
    I tell him the results of the polls I post.

    But I don't think he really cares what you all think.

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