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Thread: Baby Girl #3

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    @namelover, I don't consider my taste trendy and don't think my girls' names are particularly trendy either. Thank-you for the list. Out of all of those names I would only consider Adeline, but prefer not to have another A name.

    @Scarletsway, thank-you for your help Hope is the middle name we are considering and Violet and Lillian are both on our list for first names. It is reassuring to know that someone else thinks they flow together. I also love Evelyn but DH does not.

    @basicsand, thanks I will take a look at those.

    Mama to Kyleigh Faith (6yrs) & Alyssa Grace (3 yrs)

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    I love the middle name Hope for you! Carys could be another nice one. Actually, Carys might make a nice first name for your next little girl!

    Some other ideas:
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Besides Hope, I think Honor would be a lovely middle name for you. I love both Violet and Lillian as well.

    I also thought of Isabel, Susannah, Bethany, Danielle and Dawn.

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    some virtue middle names: grace, hope, heaven, peace, love, verity, mercy, charity, trinity, justice
    first names: Lilah, Catherine, Madeline, Arabelle, Melanie, Kimberly, Charlotte, Ellie, Violet, Rose, Elise, Ariel, Addison

    I look forward to seeing what you name your little girl
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Camryn Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Catelynne Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Chrishawna Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Cuwyn Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Deziray Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Madylynn Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Mykynzy Joy
    Kyleigh Faith, Alyssa Grace, & Nevaeh Joy

    You seem to have a tryndee style.

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