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    I like Anna better with Claire. I don't think a nn has to be a shortened version of a name. In Spanish a nn for Ana is Anita- which is obviously a similar situation as Anna/Annie.
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    Thanks everyone! I'm definitely warming up to the name Anna. It seems to be the most popular choice! Maybe if I meet her I will know for sure. I agree that Anna does go well with Claire. And you have helped me feel better about using Annie as a nn with Anna. I'm still a little concerned about it, but maybe I will just know when the time comes. Maybe she won't look like an Annie at all! I do know a 30 year old Annie (full name Annie) that carries it off well. I feel like I do need to give her a more formal name, as I don't think everyone can pull that off. Thank you very much for the advice so far! I'll take any more opinions as well

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    I would use Anne Charlotte.

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    With an older sister named Claire Elise, I would choose Anna Charlotte. Claire and Anna nn Annie would be lovely together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    For what it's worth, with Claire, I'd definitely go Anna. Both are simple, elegant, and ladylike. Beautiful choices!
    I second this!

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