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    Names you love but everyone else hates?

    My naming style is very diverse as you can see. I like all types. These are just some of my name crushes that no one really seems to like. I understand fully why you do not like them. I don't care about popularity. If I love it, so what? Use it. Lastly, if you have these same reactions it's all good. Some of mine include:
    Avril (French word for April. The Avril Lavigne association does not bother me at all (would you hate me if I considered it a plus?) but not many people like it. Trust me, I understand if you don't.)
    Skye (I do not get good reactions out of this... I have no idea why.)
    Cher (I am trying to get over the obvious celebrity association but in 20 years time will it matter? I'm not saying I love it, it's just idk.)
    Emma (Every time I bring this up people always tell me it's "Way too popular.")
    Pandora (The bad myth association and the brand name are the main reasons people complain. I understand.)
    Adeline (I always get "I prefer Madeline.")

    Draco (Too trendy is what i usually get.)
    Candor (Ok, I understand that it's a word name...)
    Jameson (They prefer James)
    Emmett (too trendy)
    Jasper (also too trendy)
    My boy list is considerably smaller, as I tend to like more classic names.

    These are probably all "phases" so judge away.
    I have no idea why I am making such a big deal out of this but okay.

    Any names you love but everyone else hates? *le sigh*
    teen berry
    excuse my username

    Isla Juno - Elodie Clover - Genevieve Aisling- Juliet Sparrow
    Wolfgang Pascal - Evander Hugo - Jasper Fox - Theodore Blaise - Lucian Atlas

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